A great wedding deserves a great send off!  One of our favorite ideas for exiting your wedding with fun and fanfare is a sparkler wedding exit. Sparklers are an incredible way to send off the bride and groom!  After participating in many, many wedding exits with sparklers, here are Our Top 5 Tips for an Amazing Sparkler Exit…



1. Check With Your Venue First!

Many venues don’t allow sparkler wedding exits so make sure to get approval from your venue before ordering them. If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers, don’t stress, there are many other fantastic exit options like flower petals or biodegradable confetti!

Sparklers in the air and bride and groom running through them

2. Buy the right sparklers.  

Some sparklers are short and only last about 1 minute.  Other sparklers produce a bunch of smoke.  You don’t want those. For the best pictures, we recommend longer sparklers that have a burn time of at least 2 minutes and are smoke free. This allows for enough time to get every sparkler lit and provides great light for your sparkler exit! We also recommend to make sure to purchase the sparklers at least one month before the wedding so that if there is a shipping issue you can order more without having to scramble.

3. Make sure to have supplies.  

Normal lighters can take a while to actually get a sparkler lit. We recommend having at least 4 torch lighters which will light your sparklers right away. Make sure your venue provides buckets with sand outside for people to place their sparklers when they’re finished with them. It would also be wise to make sure there are fire extinguishers available.  You can never be too careful when alcohol and fire are combined 🙂

Wedding exit with sparklers

4. Wait for the go-ahead.

It’s important to make sure the sparklers are all lit and the photographers/videographers are ready for you before you proceed through the exit. Your photographer (and/or your planner) will give you the “go ahread” when ALL the sparklers are lit and its time to exit.

5. Last but not least — Soak in the moment!  

Don’t run!  If you do, you’ll just run into your photographer — who is walking backwards underneath a canopy of fire. So walk and soak in one of the last moments of your wedding day. Bonus points for throwing up your hands in the beginning and a big kiss at the end!

Couple kissing with sparklers in the background

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